About Project

About Project

Education is one of the most perspective fields of life. The contemporary educational trends, as a response to the larger socio-economic changes and the fast technological development, provide the opportunity for changes in the educational practices of the kindergarten pre-school classroom as the core of the organized learning at the earliest age. The purpose of these changes is to establish a process of continuous advancement to the quality of pre-school education. Pre-school education staff plays an important part in raising healthy generations.

CHILD recognizes that excellence in preschool education requires the corresponding training for gaining skills and practical resources to apply them, and as such its main objective is to provide the above to pre-school educators. The aim is to train pre-school staff in open education, social engagement, professional development, ethics, and impact. In regards to the sectoral priority of “Developing high-quality early childhood education and care systems”, the primary aim of CHILD is to develop and reinforce a network of excellence in pre-school education which will increase the institutional capacity for a professional, high-quality, effective and needs based child care service to operate at transnational level and foster regional integration and cooperation.

The fast technological development in our era provides the opportunity for changes in educational practices and advancement in preschool education quality. Now, the resources used are from popular video and content-sharing platforms, not specialized in preschool education.

How we can help

Teacher Training :

Preschool teachers training for gaining competencies in Developmentally Appropriate Practices that exploit digitalisation

Digital Platform :

Easy-to-access resources and digital interactive activities, organized in a friendly, innovative, open and free modern digital environment designed especially for the preschool classroom

What we do :

We aim to support appropriate teaching methodologies exploiting digitalization.

CHILD undertakes a multidisciplinary approach to introducing and enhancing the use of digitalization and ICT tools in preschool education based on concrete teaching methodologies

Project Results

  • A handbook and training in Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) for preschool education
  • An open-access educative digital library with multicultural digital resources and applied DAP activities from different countries
  • A set of new custom-designed and developed interactive animated activities for children based on the DAP methodology.
  • The CHILD innovative and creative web-based digital environment for preschool education hosting all the above.

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