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Children in the kindergarten learn about the World Health Day through a medicine game. The purpose is to learn the importance of going to the doctors for a control checks in order to keep the health and prevent from diseases. The outcome of this activity is that through a game, the children learn about the various types of doctor’s examinations.


Within the curricula at the kindergarten are the celebrations of the various common events, among which the Planet Earth Day. The activities happen on the exact date and the children are informed in advance about it. The purpose of this activity is: -learn about the Planet Earth; -stimulate creativity; -brainstorming; -develop artistic techniques (painting); -work in teams and cooperate with their teachers/educators. The outcome of the activity is: -decorated kindergarten rooms with a handmade ornaments made by the kindergarten group; -attained adequate knowledge about the Planet Earth Day.


It is very important to introduce pre-schoolers with nature and its magic. Creating a grass plant farm in the kindergarten is a great idea. Kids will be able to see and touch the fruits of their labour and caregiving to the plant. The purpose of this activity is for the children to: -learn about nature; -stimulate caregiving; -develop responsibility and reliability; -learn cause and effect. The outcome of the activity is: - increased creativity; -increased math knowledge (counting days for first sprout etc.); -attained adequate knowledge about seeding and plat growing; -developed caregiving skills; -improved self-confidence.

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