(1) First, the DAP training material will be annotated, in parts where digital material would be needed.
(2) Then applied activities that would use the resources, will be designed creating thus the specifications for the media resources to be gathered.
(3) Then, in-depth research will be conducted for locating, reviewing and collecting the appropriate digital material and resources for each planned activity.
(4) The final collected resources will comprise the digital library of resources. They will be organised and tagged based on categorisations and will be mapped to specific activities and specific parts of the DAP methodology.

This project result is developed based on the DAP handbook and training of PR1. In that context, this project result is intended to support the innovative methodology that will boost the critical thinking skills in applied teaching of pre-school teachers and will provide for a more creative kindergarten environment. The target group of this PR are the pre-school teachers, the students at the faculties, as well as the academic staff who can benefit from this PR by upgrading their curricula in a more innovative way. Consequently, the outcome of this PR is to make a database of media, videos, and resources, which can be further used. The GDPR will be in force for the creation of this PR in particularly in the video and image material.

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