Within the platform, there will be three main areas:
(1) An area dedicated to the “Applied DAP Activities and Educative Digital Resource Library”, the digital collection that will be created in PR2. The digital environment will transform the library collection into a digital, web-based one. This area will be designed and organised, providing a pleasant user experience while browsing through the library digital hallways.
(2) An area dedicated to the “Developmentally appropriate practise (DAP) for preschool teachers”, the educational training developed in PR1. The training material and any relevant resources will be provided for teachers to access and follow them online within the
platform. Furthermore, parts of the training will be mapped to activities and resources located in the digital library, that are meant
to be used for applying the methodology in the classroom setting.
(3) An area with the animated interactive e-learning activities that will be created in this project result, for applying the DAP methodology. These activities will be specially created for the target ages (kindergarten students). The animated activities will not be collected, as the digital resources, but will be created and will be specifically designed for the needs of the project, and act as complementary to the digital library resources.

The environment will combine and map all three areas, in a pleasant, accessible, usable, friendly digital environment. We envision a
complete experience platform for kindergarten learning and teaching, protected from any potential destructions that might occur
in existing video publishing platforms. The environment will enable the use of resources from any place, providing zero-cost distance access. In the COVID-19 era, there might be times that children should study from home, and the CHILD environment will be also able to support them during distance or blended learning. All the parts of the platform to be used directly by children will be translated into the partners’ languages. The above-described functionality may be modified, during the implementation of the project result. The actual functionality will be defined during the specifications and design phase of the digital environment, in communication with the respective stakeholders, i.e the kindergarten teachers and educators. The number and duration of the animated interactive educational modules are going to be defined during the needs analysis by the project’s multidisciplinary team based on pedagogic best practices and the available resources.

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